Welcome to the online sign up for Harleston Community Leisure Facility.  Thank you for joining our leisure facility, we look forward to meeting you.  If you are under the age of 18 years old your parent/guardian must complete the membership agreement on your behalf,
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6 Month Platinum (Unlimited Gym & Classes anytime) Membership - £31.00 p/m
Plus a Pro Rata payment, payable on first visit.
Month to Month Gold Membership (Unlimited Gym or Classes Only Anytime) - £26.00 p/m
Plus a Pro Rata payment, payable on first visit.
6 Month Gold Membership (Unlimited Gym or Classes Only Anytime) - £22.50 p/m
Plus a Pro Rata payment, payable on first visit.
6 Month Concessionary Silver Membership - £17.50 p/m
Plus a Pro Rata payment, payable on first visit. (Unlimited Gym only Membership Anytime) (This membership is for those that fall into the following categories only; Students with valid NUS Card or equivalent, Corporate members; slimming world & Oasis Dentistry (verification needed) or Affiliated HCLF Club members of Squash, Tennis, Football or Bowls (Verification needed).
6 Month Over 60s Concessionary Membership - £17.50
Plus a Pro Rata payment, payable on first visit.
6 Month Junior Gold Membership - £11.50 p/m
Plus a Pro Rata payment, payable on first visit. (Unlimited Gym Only) (excluding the free weights area) before 5pm unless accompanied by an adult.)

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